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Printmaking Classes

I run small, friendly and creative classes from Rye Creative Centre (TN31 7LS). Specializing in monoprinting and dry-point etching, I will lead you through the basic skills and eventually onto more advanced and unusual techniques of producing images. If you would like to join one of my classes then please book below or email me at for further information.



There are several approaches to making monoprints. Initially, inks are applied to an acetate surface by means of rollers and brushes. The surface can manipulated with tools (rags, card, solvents, stencils, etc.) to achieve a variety of textures and marks. Prints can be produced singularly or in layers of coloured inks, using an etching press.​


In my classes we can work from still life, or use your own ideas and images to create prints. Be prepared for unexpected results and happy accidents!​​


Drypoint Etching

This is a method of making an "intaglio" or engraved-type print by means of etching with a tool directly into a thin sheet of acetate. Because the acetate is clear, you can put your reference drawing or photograph underneath and trace your image with the etching tool over the top.


Ink is then rubbed into the etched lines and a print is taken on the press. We will experiment with inking techniques to achieve tone and colour variations before printing.

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